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4 Skillings House, Raheny Shopping Centre, Dublin 5

Fee Guide

Examinations (includes x-rays where required)

New Patient (under 12) 50
New Patient (over 12) 70

Fixed appliances

Upper and Lower stainless steel 3900
Upper or Lower stainless steel 2900
Ceramic +300 per arch


Upper and Lower Full treatment 4900
Upper or Lower Full treatment 3900
Upper and Lower Short treatment 3900


Full mouth x-ray 50
Side profile x-ray 50


Repair bonded retainer 90
Replace bonded retainer 130
Replace removable (Clear plastic) 80
Replace removable (Plastic and wire) 100

Removable Appliances

Upper Removable Appliance 600
Functional Appliance 900

Payment plans and family discounts are available